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Gear Return 2023



Coaches, Players Parents & Guardians:

Final gear return will be on 10/7/23 at the Grid Kid Trailers after the final games. Head Coaches - there will be a final roster on a clipboard with a checklist for your team at the trailer after the games. Please use the roster to check off each player for ALL returned equipment.

Please have your player return the helmet (with the chin strap that was provided), pads and pants. Please remove the mouthpiece prior to turning in the helmet. Make sure the kids have something to wear after the game because ALL GEAR must be collected. This means that the kids MUST have a t-shirt and shorts to wear after the game.

Parents and coaches: Be sure to have your players bring a t-shirt and shorts to wear after the game. It is too difficult to chase the gear after the season so you will be asked to return all gear right after the games.

5/6 grade teams will return their gear to the SMALL trailer area.

3/4 grade teams will return their gear to the LARGE trailer area.

Coaches: Make sure if YOUR PLAYER cannot make the final game that you have them turn in their gear to THE COACH prior to your last game.

COACHES need to turn in their gear bag and Tacklebar bags (3/4 only) as well. Make sure it is clear of trash and that all Grid Kid items are within, including, but not limited to footballs, first aid kit, helmet repair kit, cones, etc.


Flag Head Coaches - only need you to check off the sheet that you turned in your flag gear bag!

If you have any questions, go to "News" at

Thank you to all the players, parents, guardians and coaches for all that you do and for making the season a success.

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